Low back pain is frustrating to manage, especially when it's keeping you from doing what you love.

Let's talk about when you should seek help and when you can take care of it yourself.

The epidemic of low back pain is spreading. It's keeping people from enjoying everyday life.

The amount of people who confess to dealing with low back pain has reached an alarming 60-70% in industrialized countries.

In other words, 3 out of every 5 people will suffer from a degree of back pain in their lifetime, ranging from mild discomfort to serious, debilitating, issues.

This short course is going to give you the understanding of what causes pain plus some simple tools to get you on the path to feeling better.

What You Need To Know When You're Dealing With Back Pain

Introducing a course on back pain that's going to help you understand the causes of back pain, what's going on when you're experiencing it, and a path forward for getting out of it.

If you're suffering from back pain today or know someone who is, let's do our part in reversing the trend and create strong, healthy backs.

Here's What You Can Expect From The Back Pain Recovery Course

Some of the highlights of our course:

What causes back pain and what you can do about it.


Safe exercises you can do to strengthen your back.


Understanding how your back works.


Lifting and lifestyle alternatives to stay pain-free.

Back Pain Recovery

Back Pain Recovery


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